Interior Decorating with Basically Bubbly

A couple weeks ago, Lexi from Basically Bubbly alluded to a project that we'd been working on together, and it's here!

She and her boyfriend were in the process of renting a new apartment together in the city, and needed to furnish it on a budget. And by furnish, I mean they needed practically everything, from furniture down to silverware. They gave me a description of the design style they wanted and a rough budget of how much they wanted to spend, and I got to work! This is by far the most fun I've had on a project in a long time, and I'm hoping to be able to develop this into something more in the future. Here's a preview, but go take a look at the whole thing!


HelloKorin Explores: Apartment Hunting

It’s been a little over a week since I moved halfway across the country, and I have used my time wisely. I’m settling into my new job, finding my way around town, and after much research and some touring, I just signed the lease on a new apartment!

Hunting for a new apartment can be both enjoyable and stressful, especially if there is a big move involved (like mine)! So, since I’ve already done the legwork, I’m going to share my notes on making your apartment search easy and successful:


 1. Research apartments online

First, determine your area - do you want to be close to work, or live in a particular suburb or neighborhood? Search for apartments in that area (I found Google Maps to be best for this). Hint: After you’ve found several promising apartments, use the My Places feature to create your own map. You can drop pins where each apartment is located, and edit the color and icon of the pin to further organize your locations (colors to indicate price, shape to indicate quality, etc.) It really helps to visualize everything! Looking at multiple apartments in your preferred area will help you get a feel for the market and narrow down your choices.


2. Set a budget (and stick to it)

Determine how much you can afford to pay in rent, per month and per year. Many places require that your income be at least three times your rent payment, so keep that in mind. Also, don’t forget to factor in other monthly expenses, such as electricity, cable and internet, and food. While having an apartment you love is important, you also don’t want to be stuck at home every night because you can’t afford to go out and have fun!



3. Figure out your must-haves

What are those things you can’t live without? For me, it’s a garbage disposal, washer and dryer connections, and a large closet.


4. NEVER apply for an apartment online without seeing it in person

Just don’t.


5. When touring an apartment, be thorough!

Here are some things you should always look for and ask about when being shown an apartment.


6. DON’T apply for the first one you look at

Even if the place seems perfect, you should always have something else to compare it to. Get a feel for what’s out there! You never know what else you’ll find.


7. Don’t settle!

Don’t take something just because you’re tired of looking. This is an important decision, and one you’ll be stuck with for some time. Make sure you’re happy with what you choose. And when you’ve found your place, celebrate!

Now on to the hard part: moving in all that stuff!

Style Revival!

One of the things I'm most looking forward to about being done with school: having time to put together outfits again! I have to admit, being focused on classes and graduating means I haven't put nearly as much effort into my personal style as I used to. That's not to say I've been wearing sweat pants and t-shirts (God forbid!), but skinny jeans and ballet flats have turned into daily staples. I'm starting work soon, and while working at a place like Neiman Marcus is reason enough to put together more stylish combinations, I decided to further motivate myself by picking out a few new pieces to add to the mix. Moving to a new state, though, means I can't spend a lot. So what better place to pick out key pieces that are on-trend AND in budget than TJ Maxx? I got a few pieces in black and white, which are big colors for fall, as well as some chic classics in navy and cream.

Fall always feels so refreshing and new! Do you have any self-improvement goals? And what fall trends are you excited for?

Clothes Row 1 Clothes Row 2

Black blazer with leather detail, DKNYC | Black blouse with leather detail, Fenn Wright Manson

Navy slim ankle-length trousers, Cynthia Rowley | Printed ankle-length trousers, Studio Hilary Radley Oatmeal cable-knit sweater with tortoise shell buttons, Cynthia Rowley