Dining Chair Inspiration

Remember those chairs I told you I was fixing up for my dining room? I know I promised a DIY post, and I haven't forgotten, but this isn't it. We had a couple of rainy weekends last month and, since I can't safely use paint stripper or spray paint inside my apartment, I had to wait it out. But I'm getting there! I've scrubbed all of the chairs and soaked the rust off the hardware, completely stripped the stain off one chair (it's a long process with all the little nooks and crannies in those babies), put one coat of paint on said chair, and picked out the fabric to re-upholster the cushions in. See, progress! Here's the chair mid-painting:


Gorgeous, right? I'm thinking a turquoise/aqua vinyl for the cushion like these from Little Green Notebook (although I'm still toying with the idea of a printed fabric).


I've been documenting my entire process and I promise to have a detailed post up when I'm done, in case you want to attempt something similar. In the meantime, here are some of the images that inspired me while shopping for chairs of my own (click through for links).






If you want more DIY inspiration, head over to Little Green Notebook—my go-to for design ideas. Redoing your own items? Share them below!

Snow Day

It's snowing here in Dallas, and I get to spend my day at work (without much actual work to do). If you're in the same boat as I am, or just plain bored at work, here are a few gems I've found floating around the internet lately, along with a couple photos of what I wish my snow day looked like. Enjoy!

Snowdayimages via 1 and 2

How To Pronounce Designer Names 101 (this should be a real course)

Because who is perfect?

A tip for removing rings from a swollen finger

CVS's bold move

The second issue of SOE is out!

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Weekend Update (& Recipes)

Is it Monday already? This weekend went by much too quickly. Friday marked one week of having Ginger, and this little cutieface is settling in quite nicely:


Saturday morning I dragged my grandmother to a new thrift shop near her house to look at some dining chairs I'd seen on Craigslist, and we spent a good hour or two browsing in the cleanest thrift store either of us had ever seen (if you're in the DFW area, check them out!). That night I had some friends over for dinner and a movie, which was a treat for me because I got to cook! I've really missed having J to make dinner for. I made my favorite crock pot teriyaki chicken with rice, some green beans, and cheesy garlic bread. Click the links below for recipes and instructions! I was so busy that I forgot to photograph my own process, so the photos below are from their respective links.

Food Collage

crock pot teriyaki chicken green beans w/lemon butter garlic cheese pull-apart bread

Ginger helped:

photo 6

I spent Sunday morning cleaning my chairs (more on the DIY process later) while watching HGTV for inspiration, and then baked up some potato skins before heading over to a family Superbowl party. Btw, I found most of the commercials a little disappointing (apart from Coca-Cola and Cheerios, despite some people's opinions), but I loved the GoldieBlox commercial (I've posted about them before). They posted the full-length version on Facebook and it's awesome. Also, the city where I went to college got a brief cameo in the Need For Speed promo at 00:07 and 00:11! I hope your weekend was just as fun, here are a few more photos of mine! Enjoy (:

Collage1 Collage2

Weekend Winter Wonderland

I woke up Friday morning to a text from my boss telling me not to try driving in and just work from home, and looked out my window to see a (rock-solid) layer of white covering everything! It was beautiful. I spent the morning watching the news for road conditions and weather reports, neither of which improved until Sunday (and then only slightly). I got some work done, cleaned the apartment, worked on a few craft projects, and baked my butt off. By Saturday afternoon I was going a little stir crazy, so I bundled up and walked up the street to the gas station for milk and snacks. The walk there was uphill and a piece of cake. The walk back: downhill and slippery, but I made it without falling! There may or may not have been a brief incident that involved avoiding the icy sidewalk outside my apartment neighborhood by going down a small hill. Which I may have, after one step, slid down at full speed like I was on skis, screaming and attracting the attention of everyone around until I made it (still vertical) to the bottom, at which point I burst into hysterical laughter. Like I said, that may or may not have happened.

Sunday, the temperature finally made it above freezing (a whopping 33 degrees) and the roads were much more manageable, so I decided to dig out my car and free myself from captivity. Although this is not what I had planned for this weekend, I had a blast! I thought I'd share of few photos of my first Texas winter weather, especially for the folks stuck in warm Georgia weather. Enjoy!