Snow Day

It's snowing here in Dallas, and I get to spend my day at work (without much actual work to do). If you're in the same boat as I am, or just plain bored at work, here are a few gems I've found floating around the internet lately, along with a couple photos of what I wish my snow day looked like. Enjoy!

Snowdayimages via 1 and 2

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CVS's bold move

The second issue of SOE is out!

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Weekend Winter Wonderland

I woke up Friday morning to a text from my boss telling me not to try driving in and just work from home, and looked out my window to see a (rock-solid) layer of white covering everything! It was beautiful. I spent the morning watching the news for road conditions and weather reports, neither of which improved until Sunday (and then only slightly). I got some work done, cleaned the apartment, worked on a few craft projects, and baked my butt off. By Saturday afternoon I was going a little stir crazy, so I bundled up and walked up the street to the gas station for milk and snacks. The walk there was uphill and a piece of cake. The walk back: downhill and slippery, but I made it without falling! There may or may not have been a brief incident that involved avoiding the icy sidewalk outside my apartment neighborhood by going down a small hill. Which I may have, after one step, slid down at full speed like I was on skis, screaming and attracting the attention of everyone around until I made it (still vertical) to the bottom, at which point I burst into hysterical laughter. Like I said, that may or may not have happened.

Sunday, the temperature finally made it above freezing (a whopping 33 degrees) and the roads were much more manageable, so I decided to dig out my car and free myself from captivity. Although this is not what I had planned for this weekend, I had a blast! I thought I'd share of few photos of my first Texas winter weather, especially for the folks stuck in warm Georgia weather. Enjoy!