Texas State Fair!

Nothing says "Welcome to Texas" like a trip to the fair! It was my director's idea to get our department together for some bonding time with funnel cakes and ferris wheels while giving to charity - on Wednesdays you get a discount by bringing canned goods for the food bank. Only a small group actually showed, but I got to meet some new people and eat some fried food on a Wednesday afternoon, so I was happy. Here are some photos from the (slightly overcast) day, enjoy!Collage 1IMG_9378aIMG_9381aCollage 2IMG_9377a

1. Big Tex (Who I found extremely creepy - he moves and talks. Yikes.) | 2. The Half Man! An impressive illusion. | 3. Ferris Wheel | 4. View of Dallas from the Ferris wheel | 5. Entrance | 6. View of the fairgrounds | 7. My coworker's fried cinnamon roll with bacon - what! | 8. Sheep that was very interested in me | 9. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Wizard of Oz, all in one ride | 10. Another view of Dallas, because, come on. Look at it.

Pack your bags...

...Hello Korin is headed to Dallas, y’all!

So, I spent this summer working as an intern in the automotive manufacturing industry, writing training programs. I learned a lot, but mostly what I learned was that I did not want to work there long-term. Fast forward to hundreds of applications and several dozen interviews later, and here we are! I’ve landed my dream job: fashion editing and writing for Neiman Marcus. I know, right? So now it's time to pack up everything I own and move 900 miles west to the lone star state.

By myself.



I'm excited and nervous and hopeful. I finally get the chance to let my creative side back out, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I hope to use this opportunity to grow in all my creative outlets and to start establishing my career. And do you know what else this means? Many, many more experiences to share with you! I can't wait!