Holiday Wishlist Swap

Hello! It's a chilly day here in Texas, perfect for starting to think about the holidays! I always like to get a head start on gift shopping, and by now I'm already starting to make my lists. So to help give you some ideas about what to give (or what to put on your own wishlist), the lovely Lexi from Basically Bubbly and I decided to swap ideas! We each came up with a few items we'd love to find under our trees. When you're done, check out what I'm wishing for. Here are a few of her favorite things (that are now a few of my favorites too)! Swap With Korin

From Lexi @ Basically Bubbly -

J. Crew "I Love You" tee "Because those words aren't said enough"

Michael Kors "Selma" tote "So I can give my Dooney & Bourke a rest"

Kate Spade glitter coasters "To add just a touch of sparkle"

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh solid perfume "Just the right size to go everywhere with me, plus the smell is yummy"

Reiko Kaneko gold "Lip Tease" mug "Perfect for sipping hot cocoa on those chilly winter nights"

Madewell calf hair belt "Perfect for pairing with other prints"

Madewell mini-bow ring "For subtle bling"

Take a break!

I have a little time off right now, in between finishing the internship and starting my new job, and I've used the last few days to relax and enjoy myself before the craziness of moving and working sets in. Here are some photos of what's been happening!


having time for pancakes on a weekday | "researching" for my new job with every style magazine I could find | walking every morning  with my favorite guy | seeing all the newly completed campus additions | hitting Marg's with the girls like old times! | acing the final presentation of my college career | losing my long-time furry best friend | meeting the newest, cutest addition to J's family | tailgating for my alma mater's first football game in 72 years (which they won!) | seeing my man with his nephew is worth mentioning twice, SO CUTE

What have you been up to?