Happy birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's 50th birthday! (Sorry for announcing that, mom.) To celebrate such a significant, amazing milestone and woman, I orchestrated a fun little surprise party last weekend, complete with friends and family from near and far. Thank you so much to every who came to celebrate with us; you are what made it so special! Here are a few photos:

My sister, Kayla, took mom out for a lunch date and day of shopping "for mom's birthday, just the two of them," while Kelsi, our extended family, and I drove into town and started setting up at home. Dad and Grandpa set up the new patio set (her present), and did the grocery shopping while the rest of us ran errands and got the cakes and picked up the catering and decorated the house--phew!

When they got to our street, Kayla pulled over and made mom put on a blindfold, telling her that dad had built her a present and set it up in the yard as a surprise. He led her to the back patio, where everyone was waiting (silently) in anticipation.

When she peeked out from under the blindfold and everyone yelled SURPRISE!, she immediately pulled it back down over her eyes! Ha!

Who knew Kayla could juggle? ;)

We're professionals. Just look at these forms:

Okay, so maybe Uncle Kevin is the only one who looks professional, ha! But we still had fun trying. 

Thank you, everyone, for a fun night!

Friday Five: Web Finds

Happy Friday! It's been a busy few weeks at work for me, and it's not going to let up soon, but at least tomorrow is the first official day of summer! The forecast around here is looking a little cloudy, so if you're spending it indoors (like me, who'll probably be working, catching up on laundry, and emptying my DVR), here are a few of my favorite finds from around the web this week to keep you entertained. Enjoy! xo


Rosetta Stone Level 1-3 Sets are 50% on Amazon TODAY ONLY. I'm so tempted.

I know I'm guilty of this bad habit, are you?

If you love a good deal, you need to follow this blog. Plus she's got a pretty great name.

These shirts made me laugh.

I just ordered this and can't wait to try it out! Maybe my hair will look like the girl in the photo?

Halfway There!

It's Wednesday, which means only two more days until the weekend! If your week's been dragging like mine has, here are a few fun links to get you over the hump. DS-Phone-backgroundfinal

This waiter for the homeless really warmed my heart. Kickstarter recently passed $1 billion in pledges! These 17 things you start doing when you get an office job couldn't be more spot-on. This woman gives one of the most riveting TED talks I've heard. Are you better at science than the average American? How to kill an entire afternoon at work without actually getting anything done.

Cactus design by Helen Dealtry PS- You can download this as wallpaper for your desktop or phone here.

Link Love


Happy Friday! Everyone take a deep breath, the weekend is FINALLY here. It's been a pretty busy (and expensive) couple of weeks for me, and it doesn't look like that's going to change for at least a couple more. Btw—tires are the second least fun thing to spend money on in the entire world, right behind taxes. If you're feeling the stress like I am, or if you're counting down the hours until the weekend, here are a few things to take your mind off it. Enjoy!

I'm generally not a fan of his movies, but this makes me love Seth Rogan. Way to play with my emotions, guys. A simple (& surprisingly interesting) formula for finding your "model name." Mine's Ori Jaune. Tre chic! This makes a really good point about gender-centric baby showers. Babies and puppies! Eeek!