Texas State Fair!

Nothing says "Welcome to Texas" like a trip to the fair! It was my director's idea to get our department together for some bonding time with funnel cakes and ferris wheels while giving to charity - on Wednesdays you get a discount by bringing canned goods for the food bank. Only a small group actually showed, but I got to meet some new people and eat some fried food on a Wednesday afternoon, so I was happy. Here are some photos from the (slightly overcast) day, enjoy!Collage 1IMG_9378aIMG_9381aCollage 2IMG_9377a

1. Big Tex (Who I found extremely creepy - he moves and talks. Yikes.) | 2. The Half Man! An impressive illusion. | 3. Ferris Wheel | 4. View of Dallas from the Ferris wheel | 5. Entrance | 6. View of the fairgrounds | 7. My coworker's fried cinnamon roll with bacon - what! | 8. Sheep that was very interested in me | 9. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Wizard of Oz, all in one ride | 10. Another view of Dallas, because, come on. Look at it.