I just got back from my first vacation since I started my job in September (to see J get his Master's!), and you guys, I did NOT want to come back. Part of that was the difficulty of leaving J behind, but part of it was just how nice it was to spend my days however I wanted without having to worry about anything. That started Thursday morning with my trip to the airport. I booked a morning flight (and did not want to leave my car at the airport), which that meant no one was on hand to drive me to the airport. So, I turned to a car service I heard about a few months ago: Uber.


Uber is an app that connects you with drivers in your area (actual people who drive as a job, not random people trying to make extra money here and there). I have to admit, I was nervous to use the app to get to the airport since you can't make a reservation like with a cab. I had read lots of bad reviews of the cab services around me and had $20 worth of Uber credit, so I gave it a chance. On the morning of my flight, I opened the app on my phone about an hour before I would actually need a car (they suggest 15-20 minutes but I was anxious, as usual). The app shows you a map, with your location blinking in blue and little car symbols that show you the locations of drivers around you. You select the type of car you want to take, and it gives you an approximate time for the closest one to get to you. If you click on your location, you can get an estimate from there to your destination, or ask for a driver. Once you're ready to be picked up, you hit "Request a Ride" and the nearest driver is alerted to your location.


The app sends you the driver's name, his/her photo, and a bunch of other information that I've forgotten by now (sorry). You can literally track your driver as they approach! Mine was there within 5 minutes, and pulled right up to my apartment gate for me. The car was very clean and well-maintained, and the driver was the nicest man who made pleasant conversation for the entire trip (and even had bottled water ready for me). When we arrived, there was no fumbling for my wallet or figuring out a tip—the app handled everything and billed a flat rate to my credit card. Easy! It made the start of my trip so much more enjoyable and stress-free. If you want to try Uber out for yourself, use the code O4B6H (that's the letter O, not a zero) to get a $10 credit toward your first ride! Let me know how it goes, or if you've already tried it, let me know how it went! xoxo

all images via Uber

Lunch for One

As a woman living alone, meals and food in general are bit of a challenge. Cooking for one requires a lot more planning than you'd think; recipes have to be altered, shopping has to be done in smaller, more frequent quantities (to prevent food from going bad before I have a chance to eat it), and having no one else to think about feeding often means meals get less attention and are therefore not as healthy as they should be. But I'm on a mission to change that! I know there are easy and healthy one-person meals out there and I'm slowly discovering them (stayed tuned for recipes in the future!).

Today was a "two birds, one stone" kind of day. What happens when the chicken you've thawed for dinner is more than you will eat, but not enough to save for another meal? It's simple: grill it. I've found that grilled chicken saves much more nicely in the refrigerator than breaded or baked, and tastes great cold, which is perfect for a packed lunch to take to work. Add some lettuce and a few of your favorite salad toppings and voila! Much better than a PB&J or spending $10 at a restaurant. Plus it's so much fun to use these handy little containers I bought at HomeGoods!

LunchtimeWant more ideas for packing more interesting lunches? Check out this and this. What did you have for lunch today?