Monday Motivation

OpportunityThis is so true. Sure, I have an awesome job that I love, but it took years of hard work and hundreds of job applications and ignored resumes to get here. I've seen firsthand how so many young people these days feel like the world should be giving them what they want simply because they have their degrees and hey, they're awesome. They have an entire bedroom full of participation trophies at home telling them so. As much as we've been trained to think that we're unique and special, in the eyes of employers, we're not. There are millions of other qualified graduates applying for the same jobs that can do exactly what you can do. If you want employers to think you're worth hiring, you have to show that you think the job is worth pursuing. You didn't get the first job or assignment or promotion you wanted? Try again. Got a job offer that wasn't exactly the kind of job you pictured yourself having? Get over it. Sure, people are always telling you "don't settle." This may be good advice in other parts of life, but in getting your career started, no. I've had a few jobs and internships that were not my idea of a good time, but the experience taught me what I liked and didn't like, what to look for and what to look out for, and most of all it gave me some experience. Just because your dreams aren't happening within your timeframe doesn't mean you aren't on your way.