Home for the Holidays

School's out, and I'm home for the holidays! Time to relax, catch up on my reading, and try not to stuff my face with all the Christmas goodies in this house. But really, who am I kidding. Anyways, I may not have had the time to post lately, but I have a large collection of links saved up to share with you! Enjoy these, and enjoy your holidays! xo

I've always been a fan of monochromatic looks, but this white on white is stunning.

8 adorable hair tutorials, and some elegant chignons.

Cynthia Crowley has the most adorable bandaids! I want the sequin ones.

When I (eventually) get an iPhone, this is the case I want.

Cute cute cute wedding. And she wore her late mother's wedding dress!

This group of exterior inspiration includes some gorgeous houses.

In the wall art department: Five Rules of the Gallery Wall- good to know. I'd love to hang this print in my apartment. Her art is on my wall-wishlist. Love this print and idea. Makes me more determined to travel and do this with my own photos!

In the holiday department: Zooey Deschanel's 10 Tips and Tricks for a Winter Body. Tons and tons of delicious cookie recipes! I'd love to have any of these gift ideas for ladies. Not to mention this awesome bag.