It's Here Again

I’m in holiday mode. Already, I know. But between the commercials on television and the Christmas music they’re now playing at work, I just can’t help it. Besides, I’m a planner, I need time to make sure I get all the people on my list the perfect gift. Anyway, here’s a little holiday-party-inspired link love from me to you:

My Christmas mood music of choice.

My ideal Christmas party outfit (if ever I attend a glamorous holiday party like the one in my head):

  • I'm currently dying over these shoes (they're on my Christmas list along with these)
  • a holiday party seems like the perfect opportunity to add a little glam with some falsies (I've secretly been dying for a reason to try some out!)
  • these sparkly DIY shoe clips are so cute
  • the very second this dress comes back in stock, I'm snatching it up!

some gifts I would really love to find under my tree:

  • a tiny initial ring, K of course
  • I would gladly make some room on my bookshelf for either of these books 
  • this

I'm not a huge fan of caramel, but I've heard this recipe is a real crowd-pleaser.

I am, however, a huge fan of soft pretzels. Yum.

PS, If you're a member of the nation, this post will look eerily familiar. I just felt so bad leaving my blog out of the action. I promise to have a hellokorin-exclusive post soon.