Happy Fall!

I'm sitting on the computer at my work-study job, fresh out of homework to work on, finally with some free time to unload all the goodies I've stored up for you. Brace yourself. I originally intended this post to be all-encompassing, but once I started I realized that one category in particular dominated the discussion: fall fashion. We had a glorious three days of cool weather come through a week or two ago, and it was a heavenly glimpse of what is to come. Fall is absolutely my most favorite season, for clothes and otherwise. New clothes, new school supplies, and a new school year with new opportunities.  Some piece I'm craving for this coming season:

All-gold watches like this, but perhaps one more affordable like this one from asos.

Pops of color! I 'm not big on wearing tons of color all at once, but I love the idea of adding bright colors to a neutral-based ensemble, a la the first lady of this post. Personally, I have been coveting these beautiful, colorful shoes since I first laid eyes on them last semester.

Structured bags, like the ones she found. Having previously been a slouchy, large, throw-everything-in-it-and-go-type-bag girl, I was surprised to find myself being drawn towards the more briefcase-esque bags this fall. They just look so classic and timeless. That said, if and when I get one, it will be on the larger side. A small bag just wouldn't be me.

Simple jewelry. I've never been a fan of the heaps o' bracelets trend, and I prefer studs to chandelier earrings. Lately I've been wearing just my small, brown leather watch, or a single gold bangle, and cute pair of studs. Also, I've had this ring saved on my computer for ages. I'm smitten. So simple, and perfect for a wedding ring. Dear future husband: That's it. That's all I want.

Two words: elbow patches. I can't explain it, I just find them so very classic cool.

Braids. More beauty than fashion, but nonetheless I've always been a fan and will be trying new styles involving them much more.

Rich, bold nail colors. For a while now I've stuck to a regime of gold and pale pink when it comes to my nails, but I recently bought some bolder colors that I want to try on for size.

What's going to be dominating your closet this fall?