Update: 08-07-2011

Things that have been happening, big and small: Road trip! Jason, Alex, Kerry and I all drove down to Brunswick to spend a few days with Daryl before heading our separate ways to school.

My lying boyfriend took me to what I was told were going to be nosebleed seats at a Braves game (we're both baseball fans). Where we actually sat was close enough to the dugout that I could have had a conversation with Chipper Jones from my seat. J, you are one sly dog.

Most recently, we had a couples' weekend at J's lake house. Him and I, our friends Alex and Hannah, and J's parents.  Even the dogs were paired off; his parents' pugs Jack and Jill, and his sister and brother-in-law's pups Liv and Maestro, being dog-sat by their Uncle J. It was a weekend full of jet-skiing and wake boarding and tubing and off-road adventuring in the family's new toy Rhino, plus some puzzle-ing and some movie-watching and a lot of puppychow-eating. Last mini-vacay of the summer!

Speaking of, I have a small countdown going on. 2 weeks until:

  • time to move back to campus, woooo!
  • I get to see my beau more than once every couple weeks! And when I want to talk to him, I won't need a phone!
  • my facebook gets deleted! That's right, sayonara social networking. Not to worry, I'll still have my blog, but I won't have a facebook to post links on so bookmark it, people!
  • kickboxing classes start again! I've tried to be good about hitting the gym this summer, but it's so much more fun working out with 15 other girls and some pump-you-up music.
  • there's something to occupy my time/brainpower! Sure, I've had trips and mini-projects and work and an online class, but I miss the time when my days were filled with things to do, places to go, people to see. Having only one or two things to check off my to-do list in a single day tends to make me feel a little restless.
Enjoy the last bit of your summer!