Jury's Out

It's been a guilty pleasure kind of day. Between having to work my department alone this morning and having to add the finishing touches to my report before turning it in tonight, I think I deserved a little indulgence. I love treating myself to: - Hours spent crafting. So fun and relaxing! I'm currently working on this pouf.

- Watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I can't help it, I love that show.

- Petit fours! It's both a joy and a pain having a sister that works at a bakery. Every once in a while, she brings home some of these for me and I love them. Don't worry, gym in the morning.

- New clothes! It's so hard to work at a clothing store and not shop, but it helps that I'm in the mens department. But working there also means I know the scoop on all the deals, and I see what new stuff comes in first. Between clearance prices, sales deals, and my discount, I hardly feel guilty at all. I got a super comfy short sleeved maxi in a gorgeous bright blue color, which will be perfect for end of summer on into the fall. Gotta love versatility. And, a slouchy cardigan, for $2. Score. And it's the same one Audrina's wearing, in cream! She's got good taste.

Also loving: the rain outside | how my puppy sits under my sewing chair to hide from the thunder, so sad and sweet. Makes me wanna hug him forever | mini girl-chats, I've missed having my Mercer ladies around me | shopping/dinner date plans! | turning in the report I've been so stressing over for weeks. Phew, done | Planning for my beau to meet my parents and take me to a movie before heading to the lake with him for the weekend | getting told by a (very kind) stranger that I look just like Whitney Port. Hey, I'll take it.

Now, if only I hadn't managed to break the sewing machine. And not too far into my project, either. Hopefully I can figure out what I did and fix it without causing further damage.