The first week of summer has passed! It's been a pretty lazy week, but despite all the relaxing I did I managed to get quite a bit done. Let's see, I-

cleaned out both of my closets | started a new book | took my mom out for mother's day | kept up an email conversation with my fabulous aunt | donated all my old clothes and shoes to goodwill | reorganized my bedroom | cleaned out my bathroom cabinets | typed up my resume | applied to two new jobs, fingers crossed! | ordered my beau's birthday present | started on my tan | (almost) got rid of whatever sick bug I've had | went shopping with meine mutter | did, and put away, all my laundry | watched a softball game | drove to the older side of town to take photos

I had in my mind an idea for some photos that included old vintage store signs, but Warner Robins just isn't the place for them I suppose. I'll be a sport and share with you what I did manage to shoot, though. Nothing exciting.

How was your week?