Welcome Home

Dear people, the worst semester of my life if coming to an end, signaling my return to the world of the bloggers. To those of you reading this, I sincerely appreciate your patience in sticking around through the silence. Let me fill you in on some of my recent life updates. I:

  • Changed my major! That means this semester was basically filled with awful, unenjoyable classes that killed my GPA and will not go towards my new major, but surprisingly I am still on-track towards my new goal. Hello, major in Technical Communications with a minor in photography.
  • Got a new beau! Just had to throw that in there. And yes, he's absolutely the most handsome thing ever.
  • Started an aerobics class! Two, actually. Kickboxing on Mondays and tag team aerobics on Tuesday. And the good news is, they continue on into the summer! I live close to campus, so it'll be no problem to drive up every week to take advantage of that.
  • Got a new apartment! Four bedrooms, three new roommates, two bathrooms, and...drumroll please...a kitchen! Words cannot express how exited I am to finally be able to cook. And I've already started thinking up decorating ideas!

I love the neutral shades/minimalist feel of this

Speaking of decorating, I found a few crafting projects to keep me busy this summer! In my spare time I hope to make this colorful little pouf, these cute paper rosettes, and so much more! Oh, the time just before summer is so wonderfully full of hope and promise, I love it. 

I have so many ideas for new posts here, but I want to know what you beautiful people want to know. So if there's anything you want to ask, or see here, or learn more about, or if you find something that you think I might like, send it to me at hannahkorin@gmail.com!

You're a beautiful, beautiful person. I love you.